News Way,Investment Thoughts

Newswayfin is an Internet financial and economic interactive platform affiliated to HongKong newsway LTD., headquartered in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, which aims to create a regional high-end financial news and information website.. As an Internet company, we use big data to analyze the market environment, mining user demand, create personalized news information, break the barrier of asymmetric financial information from the technical level, let users and brokers, users and users, Users and media to establish a deeper level of communication and interaction.

Newswayfin's interactivity is reflected in social interaction. In the process of users' messages and interactions on the platform, newswayfin will extract dozens to hundreds of high-dimensional features for each message, and conduct dimensionality reduction, similarity calculation, clustering and other calculations to remove repeated information. Machine classification, abstract extraction, LDA subject analysis, information quality identification, etc. Based on the user's social behavior, reading behavior, geographical location, occupation, age and other mining interest. Through user behavior analysis, after each action of the user, the unique volume label is marked for the user, and the user content is recommended to conform to its label portrait, so as to make the content richer and more accurate.

In terms of Media cooperation, newswayfin has gradually increased its investment. At present, newswayfin has covered most international Media and official Media in southeast Asia, such as Reuters, Business Today, KL Gadget Creative Media, Money Compass, Oriental Daily, etc. More and more high-quality Media content can be seen in newswayfin.